Every year, thousands of tons of chromium oxide vapor are released into the atmosphere from metal pipes while in heavy industrial service, which is extremely harmful to the environment since chromium is toxic. The loss occurs from steel and nickel-based alloys when service temperatures exceed 1400°F. Cerablak® HTP-100 is differentiated from other high temperature protective coatings due to its hermetic quality diffusion barrier protection. Limiting chromium oxide loss also extends pipe life in addition to the environmental benefit of lower emissions.

New environmental regulations to limit NOx emissions are now becoming a reality, due to the toxicity of NOx vapors. One of the approaches to limit NOx emissions is to operate industrial processes at higher temperatures. This is being pursued, for example, in the fertilizer industry where flue gas temperatures need to be increased to meet regulations. Cerablak® HTP-100 can help protect the alloys in contact with flue gas streams to enable higher service temperatures and ensure environmental compliance.