HTP-100 coating consists of hard silicon carbide (SiC) and aluminum oxide (Al2O3) particles in a corrosion resistant alumino-phosphate matrix.

The coating is now available for purchase in spray cans here! Spray cans are for rapid coating trials on your substrate and can be used in service for small-scale applications (<5 square feet), such as sealing a weld or braze. Contact Us for larger volumes of paint for HVLP spray application.

The unique coating microstructure and chemistry of HTP-100 differs significantly from its competition: 

  1. Hermetic quality diffusion barrier at substrate/coating formed in situ
  2. Toughness and thermal stability based on low modulus design and stable chemistry

  • A few easy steps - spray, dry, and cure in an oven
  • Rapid drying and thermal curing for efficiency in production
  • Strong chemical bonding with substrate enabling excellent adhesion
  • One step process to achieve 25–30-micron thick coating
  • No toxic or heavy metal ingredients and formulation has near neutral pH
  • All processing under ambient air conditions
  • Inert in most industrial high temperature service environments (up to 1800 °F)
  • Hermetic ultra-thin interfacial layer formed in situ seals and protects substrates in oxidizing, reducing, or vacuum environments
  • No observable oxide scale for low-grade ferritic stainless steel after 1800 °F exposure in humid air
  • Enables replacement of advanced alloys with lower grade counterparts (AUS 304 vs AUS 310)
  • Protects welds and brazes from galvanic corrosion in thermal cycling service
  • Seals porous refractories and composites
  • Stable against non-ferrous molten metal and molten salts to 1800 °F


  • Microstructure designed with controlled and thermally stable micro- and nano-porosity for high toughness
  • Good strain capability and excellent thermal shock resistance on coated steel, aluminum, titanium, and other commonly-used alloys
  • Low coating modulus accommodates high CTE mismatch stresses
  • Hot spots in piping exteriors of industrial high temperature processes (above 1000°F) cause accelerated degradation of alloys. HTP-100's durable high emissivity spreads heat uniformly across coated surfaces.
  • Promotes high-efficiency heating at high temperatures
  • Improve radiative heat transfer in energy-intensive service environments
  • No outgassing under ultra-high vacuum
  • Protects sensitive substrates from outgassing up to 1800°F
  • Compatible with semiconductor manufacturing