High temperature service in renewable energy markets is quite common, with expanding opportunities in concentrated solar power, thermal storage, and other emerging technology solutions. The use of Cerablak® HTP-100 in these markets is related to its effectiveness for thermal management. Exploiting the high emissivity of surfaces for thermal management is becoming a growing trend across many industries, and in particular, the renewable energy industry. While there are many high emissivity ceramic coatings in the market, the challenge of providing environmental protection to the underlying alloy while at the same time maintaining high emissivity over prolonged service times has limited the broad use of high emissivity coatings. With its "All-Purpose" nature and ease of application, Cerablak® HTP-100 is uniquely differentiated in the high temperature coatings market.

A key application for high emissivity coatings in renewable energy is thermal storage. Since HTP-100 can protect ceramic refractories from molten salt corrosion, it is well suited for use in Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) plants, which use molten salts as heat transfer fluids. Instead of using an expensive (and environmentally intensive to produce) ceramic refractory material, a cheaper refractory can be used, provided it is coated with HTP-100.