HTP-100 is an all-purpose coating, and our customers are continuing to find new ways in which it can solve high-temperature and extreme environment material challenges.

High Temperature Adhesive

HTP-100 can serve as a high-temperature adhesive in certain applications. It can be sprayed on both mating surfaces, which are then joined and fired to 570°F to achieve a durable high temperature joint capable of 1800°F, with at least 100 psi adhesive bond strength.


Weld Protection

While welds and brazes can corrode under ambient atmospheric conditions, they are highly susceptible to corrosion in high-temperature plant infrastructure due to their complex morphology and metallurgy. HTP-100 can provide effective galvanic corrosion protection under ambient conditions, and it is especially effective in protecting welds and brazes at high temperatures, where rapid oxidation can weaken the joint significantly 


Coated (left) and uncoated (right) 316 stainless steel weld joints, 72 hours at 1500°F in ambient air, with 3 thermal cycles – coating remained intact and protected substrate from oxidation.

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